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Gosh, ePubs are very limiting files. I preferred pdfs a lot tbh: better quality overall. And not all of us own an ebook reader or an iPhone, so pdfs allowed anyone to read stories without having to download other programs or apps...

I’m going to have to disagree with you, and stick with ePubs, for a couple of reasons:

With ePubs the writers’ data is more secure and displayed as the writer intended (closer in layout to a hardcopy of a novel). However, a PDF is easily edited, and theoretically can be edited and re-posted by someone else claiming the work as their own. I’m not cool with that.

PDFs take up a lot of data. Wherein a PDF file might be in the 1MB+ range, an ePub might be a couple of KB, and when you have an eReader that only stores 8GB, that makes a big difference.

Also, there are totally ways to read ePubs on your computer. Even something as simple as a browser plugin. As far as I’m aware, there’s a browser plugin available for every browser that allows you to read ePubs. There’s also absolutely free, trusted, software that allows you to read on your computer, ex: Nook, Kindle.

And though it might be an extra step to install something to read an ePub, I do feel more comfortable if for no other reason than the author’s integrity on the line. I’d feel terrible if someone’s work was stolen and re-published without permission, and I’d nix putting up deleted stories in the future.

I hope that you understand my position on this, and I and whitneystrouth are more than happy to help anyone who is having any trouble (as best we can) with ePubs. :)

Edited to add: I will concede that PDFs are amazing if there’s graphics involved. ePubs can support graphics, though it’s extremely difficult. However, only twice have I ever seen graphics involved in fan fiction, and my biggest source ( doesn’t support graphics, so it’s a bit of a moot point.

Also, with ePubs, specifically when using calibre, you can edit the metadata to your library’s preferences. I like to upload nice covers that some fan artists have done. :)

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Author: BeyondCanon

Rated: M

SynopsisBrittany works for a cruise line. Santana’s dragged to a lesbian cruise to properly rebound from her latest breakup. [Tumblr Fic]

Word Count: Unknown.


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ePubs: Tips for reading electronic stories outside of your internet browser.

Written by unofficial helper and sanity keeper whitneystrouth,

Why ePubs?

Because you can save your favourite stories and you can have them for always!

But What About PDFs?

Ok, PDFs are awesome, yes especially when you are working with files that include not only text but have pictures, diagrams and include fancy desktop publishing. But for just straight reading novels and stories ePubs are the way to go! They are smaller which is great for storage and use on eReader batteries and they can be read across many platforms!

How to Open and Read ePubs

Without bogging you down with the various apps you can download for reading ePubs (Adobe Digital Editions, iBook, NOOK Reading App etc.) I am going to stick to answering this question with the one I use. Calibre.

Download Calibre here:

Calibre has a few amazing features! Firstly it neatly stores all of your ePubs along with your PDFs, mobis, word documents, text files or whatever format of electronic books you prefer. Also it has a built in eReading app.

Using Calibre is pretty self explanatory and the website is a wealth of knowledge but below I have outlined a quick start guide after you install and open the software.

To add a book to your library:

  1. Click the red icon that says Add Books.
  2. Select the book you would like to add to your library. It will then copy the file and place it in its own directory. You can delete the original file.

To read a book in your Calibre library:

  1. Double click on that ePub and it will open in another app for reading.


One of the best features is you are able to download your fanfiction right to your library. Even if just a chapter updates, you can update your already existing file with just the new chapter!

Install FanFiction Downloader:

  1. Under “Preferences” select “Get Plugins to Enhance Calibre.”
  2. Scroll down until you find “FanFiction Downloader.”
  3. Click it to highlight the field and click the “Install” button.

Download A New FanFiction:

  1. Click the little arrow on the “FanFiction Downloader” Button and a drop down menu should appear.
  2. Chose “Add New From URL(s)” from the drop down menu.
  3. Copy and Paste the URL for the FanFiction you wish to download into the dialogue box that appears. (If you have already copied before then it should automatically appear.)
  4. Click “Show Download Options.”
  5. Output Format should be “ePub.”
  6. If Story Already Exists should be “Update ePub if New Chapters.”
  7. Select “Update Calibre Metadata.”
  8. Select “OK”

If it is a large file it will take a long time, be patient, it is worth the wait.

Update An Already Existing FanFiction in Your Calibre Library:

  1. Highlight the book(s) in your library you wish to update with new chapters.
  2. Click the little arrow on the “FanFiction Downloader” Button and a drop down menu should appear.
  3. Chose “Update Existing FanFiction Books” from the drop down menu.
  4. Click “Show Download Options.”
  5. Output Format should be “ePub.”
  6. If Story Already Exists should be “Update ePub if New Chapters.”
  7. Select “Update Calibre Metadata.”
  8. Select “OK”

If you select “Overwrite if Newer” the download will take longer. If you have selected “Update ePub if New Chapters,” it should not take as long.

Converting File Formats to ePubs

If you have joined me on the ePub bandwagon and want to now convert all of your preexisting PDFs to ePubs you are in luck!

Converting PDFs to ePubs:

  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Select “Browse.”
  3. Find the file you wish to convert and select “OK.”
  4. Select “Upload Files.”
  5. Insert your Metadata (Title and Author)
  6. Select “Convert Files to ePub.”
  7. Right Click the file and “Save As.”

Now if you are a sheer genius and understand file formats and formatting, you can also use Calibre to convert files. I find it is a little convoluted but you have a lot more control in selecting your parameters and settings.

If you’re still in need of help, you can either contact myself or whitneystrouth, and we’d be happy to help you. If you could please leave a non-anonymous ask, we’ll be able to help you better on an individualized basis, without having to publish the answer.

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Hi bobbieyoung,

I appreciate you taking the time to send me a message explaining why you decided to take down your stories. I understand why would you want to remove them and take the burden off yourself, especially after losing a loved one. I hope that you don’t mind that I uploaded your stories so that people can still enjoy your work, I tell all of my followers that any downloadable file is for personal use only.

I hope things get better and feel free to keep in touch,

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Author: jeune fille en fleur (Tumblr)

Rated: M

Synopsis: Santana and Brittany lose their virginities to each other at cheer camp. But for Santana - tortured with guilt - things aren’t so simple. (Companion Piece: Lights Out)

Word Count: 3,794.

Status: DELETED.

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Author: jeune fille en fleur (Tumblr)

Rated: M

Synopsis: Turns out - the alien invasion in Brittany’s tent was neither invasive nor alien. Brittany and Santana lose their virginities to one another. (Companion Piece: Fire)

Word Count: 3,874.

Status: DELETED.

Note: Thank you to x-ninja-kitty-x.

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Author: bobbieyoung

Rated: M

SynopsisSantana and Quinn go to college together, Brittany works in a nearby restaurant and Rachel is an employee at Mike’s hair salon. Just a group of friends until one develops feelings for another…

Word Count: 87,946.

Status: DELETED.

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Author: bobbieyoung

Rated: M

SynopsisIs it Brittany’s fault that her kindergarten was built next to the football field where Santana trains her cheerios? No. And is it her fault that they don’t get along? Partly…

Word Count: 44,548.

Status: DELETED.

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Author: bobbieyoung

Rated: M

Synopsis"It’s ok, I don’t need an ambulance." The blonde mutters and shakes her head. I stare at her in disbelief because I just hit her with my damn car and she’s bleeding - of course she needs an ambulance!

Word Count: 156,541.

Status: DELETED.

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Author: bobbieyoung

Rated: M

Synopsis: Never would Brittany have thought she’d end up living together with Santana “doll face” Lopez after she tried so hard to hide her true self at high school. (Third piece to What Boys Can’t Provide and What Women Can Do)

Word Count: 64,807.

Status: DELETED.

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