My Fic Got Plagiarized


So, should I be flattered or…  LOL

My original story:  How To Win Even When You’ve Lost

The 98% word for word plagiarized story and turned into a G!P story: Losing Has It’s Perks

Thanks to an Anon for the heads up!

How do I get them to take it down?  That’s so lame. :-(

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Plagiarized Stories Are Great!


So, the story “Losing Has It’s Perks” which was plagiarized word for word from my story “How To Win Even When You’ve Lost” (They even took their title directly from my summary.  Though, the grammatical error with “It’s” is all their own.) is still up on  Despite every comment being about how they plagiarized my story.  I’m not quite sure what the number of reports has to be before the admins at will do anything about it but I’m guessing we haven’t hit it yet since the story is still up.

The other part that boggles my mind is that IT KEEPS GETTING FAVORITED. Do readers not have integrity either?  I’m not saying they have to go over and favorite my original story because maybe it’s the G!P part of the plagiarized story that they like but I am really stumped as to how you can favorite a plagiarized story.  I know when I like a story, I always check out the reviews of the story too because it’s always cool to see why other people liked the story I liked.  If they looked at the reviews, they’d just see a bunch of reviews calling out the author for stealing my story.  I just don’t get it.

I also don’t get why the “author” hasn’t done the right thing and taken down their “story”.  You can’t favorite an author and their stories, which implies respect for their talents, and then plagiarize their story as if it’s no big deal and nobody would notice.  I felt righteous anger when my friend’s story and authors I admire stories were stolen and posted as the works of someone else.

Having it happen to me, even with it just being a one-shot, gives me a sinking feeling.  It actually made me feel sick.  And angry.  And disheartened.  To change small parts of my story just to titillate while keeping every other word the same, makes me rage.  It may not be much of a story, but I worked hard on that story and worried over every bit of dialogue and turn of phrase and description and still felt that nervous feeling that I have when I post every story that nobody will read it or like it.  To have someone co-opt my hard work as their own and to have other readers follow and favorite that plagiarized story makes me so so sad.

Thank you again so much to everyone that has commented and keeps making reports on the story.  My hope is that the “author” salvages some of their integrity and deletes the story on their own.  And if not, then we’ll eventually hit whatever magical number of reports that will make the admins take a look at this issue.

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I sincerely apologize for my continued hiatus.

I’ve been feeling quite lousy and my mom (who is a doctor) is pretty sure that I’m suffering from Shingles. It’s painful, and I haven’t had a decent night sleep in so long. I’m exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. I’ll never give up on Brittana, though. I’ll be back once I’m better.

(I do have some things to post for an author who needs our help.)

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Author: LadyMGem

Rated: M

SynopsisSantana Lopez travels to Montana for an acting job. One person she meets there will change her life forever.

Word Count: 32,860.


Note: New link.

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I’d like to apologize for being MIA, I’ve come down with some kind of viral thing and have had a fever non-stop.

Trust me, I haven’t given up on Brittana; I’ve been living on my couch trying to keep cool. Freezies have been a daily staple.

I’ll be back once my fever lowers.

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Author: parispal (Tumblr)

Rated: M

SynopsisSantana moved across the country to to begin a new life and job. Brittany wishes she could escape the city that is a constant reminder of what has derailed her life.

Word Count: 105,203.


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Author: el_em_en_oh_pee (Tumblr)

Rated: T

Synopsis: Brittany gets a call one day. Santana is in the hospital, and it’s bad, the person on the other end of the line says. The thing is, Brittany doesn’t know who Santana is. (Based on: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

Word Count: 2,400.


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Author: my-other-ride-is-your-mum (Tumblr)

Rated: M

Synopsis: A series of prompts from the Two Kids Without Their Jackets universe.

Word Count: Incomplete.


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Author: lazarus_girl (Tumblr)

Rated: M

SynopsisDuring a vacation to Cabo with their closest friends, Santana and Brittany rekindle their relationship in secret. Determined to enjoy the time they have left, they break away from the others and consider what their future together could look like.

Word Count: 7,206.


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Author: Cactusgirl329 (Tumblr)

Rated: M

SynopsisFates and lines of destiny run thick through the blood of Skyrim. As armies collide and dragons awaken, the ground will quake when ancient prophecies come to fruition. Brittany and Santana are drawn together by the same threads that would tear them apart. (Based on Skyrim.)

Word Count: Incomplete.


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